EYEHATEGOD  -  09.11.2017  -  Ziggy's Music Box, Chattanooga, TN


In 2005, I took my 14-year-old brother to see Eyehategod at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta.

I made him wear earplugs.

They were keying bumps of blow onstage.

Jimmy left the stage to puke in a back room between songs, at which point the other EHG members shared a collective glance and a shrug, then launched into an Outlaw Order song off their Legalize Crime EP, ("Byproduct of a Wrecked Society," if I remember correctly).

I saw them in December of 2010, but I barely remember it. It was right before I cut booze out of my diet, which means I was so blacked out that I produced gravitational lensing in the couch corner of The Earl in Atlanta. (I had forgotten that I'd seen them a second time until a few days ago.)


Fun fact: These three people were born on September 11th:

  1. My brother (turned 27, was at show)
  2. Brian Patton (EHG guitarist, age unknown, was at show) 
  3. Wes Reynolds (39 (I think), was not at show. Old bassist for Hellstomper, also the dude who turned me on to EHG when I was 15, a mitzvah that probably contributed to my decision to make him the best man at my first wedding.)

('nother factoid: my brother was best man at my second wedding. So both of my best men were born on 9/11. Maybe if I get around to a round three, I'll call up Brian Patton and ask him. Never met him, nor spoken to him, so I expect to be shot down. Not planning on a third marriage, so it's okay.))