NYE in Memphis: Jack Oblivian + the Tennessee Tearjerkers / Quintron + Miss Pussycat

I’ve always been pissed at my brother for having opened for Jack Oblivian in Chattanooga when lil’ dude was 21 and in the only band he’s ever been in (for like a month or two, to boot).

Color me green.

I don’t have the best recall of events in my life for a few years, so I don’t even remember seeing that show. All I can remember is that after it ended, I had to repeat to myself, “You are too drunk to meet this man. Go home and sleep and/or sit in bed with a bag of rice cakes and watch Barton Fink for the millionth time.” (Advice to/from myself heeded.)

I saw/photographed Jack O. & the Sheiks at Gonerfest this past year (14/XIV/2017), and I didn’t get the greatest photos because I was too busy watching. (He was with the Tennessee Tearjerkers this time, but they were also referred to as the Memphis Tearjerkers, so... I don't know, man. It's like most Mexican food. Similar ingredients, different shapes and forms, always delicious. And with a zest of saxophone sprinkled in your tortilla.)

This time, I knew I should just soak it in and not stress about photos. I’m glad I did, too. Shortly before the midnight transition into 2018, they played “Telstar” by Joe Meek (best known as played by The Tornados). 

[I teared up, dude. Love that shit.]

The way I partied my ass off afterward was to eat a quesadilla and listen to Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out while sitting in the pocket of warm air that still existed inside my car. (Too lazy/hungry to transition to hotel room just yet.)

After midnight, Q+MP did their puppet show. Couldn’t really see anything, but the people in the crowd filming it with their phones overhead were providing a kind of mini-Jumbotron for sets of eyes such as mine that are just bad enough to merit needing glasses for driving and reading classroom whiteboards, but not enough to wear them all the time.

I spoke to a young woman who I’d met previously at Gonerfest and she made a good point by saying that she had no idea how to describe the Quintron + MP experience to someone who doesn’t know what the fuck’s gonna be up.

I totally agree.

So I ain’t gonna.

Just go.

I spent my Halloween and NYE at their shows this past year.

I had shit to do on Christmas.

And so 2017 snuffed itself out like a dumb little bottle rocket at the end of its skittering arc.

2018 was welcomed in the temporal strip of the CST by Jack O. et al. with that one song that always happens when another year goes off to pasture. Old Lung Syndrome or whatever.

It was 15º outside at some point. (I couldn’t believe that I was thinking of going up to upstate NY for NYE on purpose just so I could say I saw Bloodshot Bill 5 times in a year and a half. (4x in one year sounds better anyway. (Besides, I’d only seen Jack Oblivian and Quintron+MP each one time in the past year (Gonerfest 14 and Halloween, respectively).)))


Jack Oblivian at Gonerfest ruled.

Jack Oblivian on New Year’s Eve also ruled.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat on Halloween ruled. 

Quintron and Miss Pussycat New Year’s also ruled.

Now I'm going to listen to Purple Rain on repeat.

All year.

Do not disturb.