Fred Cole (1948-2017)

I already said and wrote a few permutations of all the accolades I could throw at Fred Cole over this past weekend. So in lieu of repeating myself and risk diluting the sentiment, I’m just going to post some photos I got of Fred and Toody from Gonerfest 13 (2016).

It’s all been said better by others already anyway.

Over the past decade+, I was lucky to catch Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, and the Fred and Toody set below.

The Dead Moon show I saw at Horizontal Action's 2006 Blackout remains one of the best shows I have ever seen. The others were fantastic too, but that first one was a major game-changer for a 22-year-old idiot, such as I was. 

Whole perspective on shit = changed.


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Dead Moon

Pierced Arrows

Fred + Toody